The Beginning of Summer

As I start my incredible internship with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in New York City, I am grateful for the first day of summer. I am grateful for the overly priced iced lattes, the “99 cent” pizza stands, tourist traps, and scaffolding on every building. But most of all, I am grateful for the music. The music of different languages, dogs barking, laughter, and blaring horns during congested traffic. The music that bounces off my eardrums as I walk to my adult office. 

Every year during Christmas time in high school my Dad and I would come to New York. Something about the city feels Christmas-y. A unique cold chill that embodies warmth. Shops decorated with ornaments reflecting the passing pedestrians. But what we loved to do was see shows or concerts. The Rockettes, Dear Evan Hansen, and Aerosmith. But one night my Dad chose what we were going to see. Beautiful. The story of Carole King. I had liked Carole King’s songs when my parents played them for me as a child, but I did not want to go to this show. Maybe it was just the mere fact that it wasn’t what I wanted to do as a spoiled high school kid on a trip with her father. Hesitantly, I went. In those 2.5 hours, I learned that Carole King was nothing less of a hero. A genius. A beautiful miracle. “Tapestry” became the soundtrack to my life. “It’s Too Late” encapsulated the feeling of right person, wrong time. “I Feel the Earth Move” embodied the chaos that ensues when you’re around a certain person. Everyone knows “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” and it’s because Carole’s writing makes you feel something. I see characters, scenes, stories, and settings, when I listen to her music. It is colorful and poetic. 

I recently saw Clairo at re:set festival, where she performed “Bitter With the Sweet,” which ignited a new fascination with Carole King. As an incoming senior in college, I see why my 16 year old self resonated so heavily with “Tapestry.” I was confused, lost, angry, and scared. Carole’s songs created stories in my head of people I could  perfect, flaw, kill or make fall in love, because it was mine. It was my interpretation of her stories. The imagery in her music makes it easy to compare to storybooks. Carole King’s music provoked a creative factor in my mind. I had never seen or heard songs in my head so lively. And since then, I have never heard or seen music in my head the same way as I did before I saw “Beautiful.”

As summer begins and I am in a great chapter of my life, I am grateful for that night in New York. Being introduced to such a beautiful (no pun intended) story that surrounded such great music was incidental, but not. It is no coincidence that I am now living in New York working for one of the biggest music companies in the world. It is no coincidence that in my darkest times, music was my most consistent companion and it is now my job. It wasn’t a coincidence that Clairo played “Bitter With the Sweet,” and it is definitely no coincidence that I, for some reason, decided to go to “Beautiful” that night. 

Listen to “I Feel the Earth Move” here:

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